At RadsBest we understand the power of the crowd, especially a crowd of smart overachieving Radiologists.  While we put our tools through numerous rounds of testing and editing in order to ensure streamlined and accurate content, we know we’re human and we know that mistakes will eventually get through.
We created the RadsBest P.I. Program as a way to show our gratitude to users who notice errors and let us know about it.  It is really quite simple.  Find an error in the program then contact us.  There are two different ways to contact us:
1)  Hit the feedback link within the app settings
2)  Shoot us an email at:
At our discretion we’ll categorize your feedback into one of three categories:

This is clinically very significant errors in the results provided by the app with the cited reference literature being the standard of measure.  Possible scenarios include:
-Program gives wrong result based on input provided
-The general meaning of the text provided in the result is misleading or incorrect
-Any other significant discrepancy from the cited literature that was not purposeful on the part of RadsBest
-Basically if you had the cited literature in front of you, and you were following the guidelines, you should get the exact same (or better) result with RadsBest.  If RadsBest gives you something different, then we want to know and it probably falls into this category.

The Thanks:  200 RadsBest Credits, Starbucks Gift Card for $20, and a virtual High Five!

These are errors that may be potentially clinically significant but probably wouldn’t be most of the time and probably wouldn’t throw a user too far off course.  Again, the cited literature is the standard of measure.

The Thanks:  100 RadsBest Credits and a virtual High Five!

Typos and other things that don’t look pretty but probably wouldn’t affect a users understanding of the results or change their reporting.  Sorry, this does not include grammatical errors because we purposely use suboptimal grammar to keep the verbiage as short as possible.

The Thanks:  10 RadsBest Credits and a virtual High Five!

The fine print…
So the RadsBest P.I. Program is really just a lighthearted way to encourage good user feedback on our software.  We do it not out of obligation but out of gratitude.  Here is the fine print:
-No contract, expressed or implied, between RadsBest or Medocratic LLC and the provider of feedback
-We exercise sole discretion in assigning the category of feedback and whether the feedback is valid
-We can substitute different “gifts” at our discretion
-Only applies to the first user to submit feedback about a specific error/issue.
-There is a limit to three “gifts” for any one person in a 4 month period.
-This program may be terminated at any time so don’t dilly dally.
-Credits cannot be exchanged for cash and have no real world monetary value so don’t quit your day job.
-Although we love Radiologists from all corners of the globe, the rewards only apply to residents of the United States of America.